In order to better serve all of our current users and add new features, we will be shutting down the MyMedicalCV site in two weeks.

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Why Mymedicalcv?

One day while I was applying for privileges at yet another hospital, I had a great idea. What if there was a user controlled, FREE, website or app to help a busy healthcare professional to keep track of all of their documents and credentials? Up to that point, I had been storing everything in a paper folder. I was constantly making copies and faxing or emailing them to people, and I was constantly updating my CV as well. It was annoying, disorganized and time consuming. The alternatives were cumbersome and expensive.

I created MyMedicalCV to get control over the complexity of my career, and to help others do the same. Now, thanks to MyMedicalCV, I have my whole CV documented coherently on the cloud. No more updating Word documents. No more worrying if the right person received a fax/email of a document /credential I sent. No more worrying about where my documents are – because everything is safely, and securely, on the cloud.

Safety is something I take very seriously. That is why MyMedicalCV uses Webair, a HIPAA compliant, fully managed, secure web hosting site. I am confident in their ability to protect my privacy and the privacy of the users of MyMedicalCV.

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